Educational Guide 2018 Edition – Pre-order only


The educational guide edition 2018 is currently reissued. This guide has everything for anyone who wants to teach, train or just play DBL Ball. We have been working on this since 2014 and we are working to make it available in March 2018. By ordering the guide right now, you are guaranteed to have a copy as soon as it is available, but above all, you encourage us to double the efforts to publish this guide! More than 50 exercises and variants are available for elementary and high school. Several teaching plans for 1, 4, 8, 12 classes and even on 2 years. Evaluation grid based on the grid C2 interactive of the Quebec Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport (Canada). Presentation of each position on the field. Presentation of more than 10 offensive and defensive strategies used by the Quebec's All-Star Team. Presentation of the game phases and explanation of the internal logic of DBL Ball. Articles and anecdotes about the DBL Ball. It has more than 150 pages, with beautiful pictures and coloured for an easy and pleasant reading.
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