What is DBL Ball League?

It is an organization that manages DBL Ball all over the world!

From initiation to big tournaments, DBL Ball League makes the sport available to as many people as possible.

Who works for the DBL Ball League?

DBL Ball enthusiasts! There is always room for one more player. If you want to join the team, send us your resume. Whether you want to be a referee, manager, representative, graphic designer or even professional player, we are always open to those who share the same passion!

Where can I play DBL Ball?

Around the world

Want to receive the Star Team in your backyard? We can come to you.

Want to welcome the creator into your classroom? We can come to you.

Want to train your team with a coach? We can come to you.

Want to have the best referees for your DBL Ball regional tournament? We can come to you.

Want to have your equipment delivered to your door? We can deliver.