The following regulations are abbreviated to facilitate the understanding of the sport. They are therefore not a formality.

Official rules

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A DBL Ball ball

- 8.6 inches (21.59 cm) rubber diameter


Two DBL Ball nets

- Side nets but no back net.
- The nets face the wall
- Consult the complete regulations to get the exact dimensions of the goal.

DBL Ball field

- Open green space or indoor space ( 28m by 15m or 18m x13m as a minimum)
- A space of 6 to 8 m between the goal and the wall is mandatory
- Using the walls is permitted

The teams

- DBL Ball is a mixed sport
- The game is played 5 on 5 on the field
- There are alternatives to play 3 on 3, 6 on 6 with a single net. Subscribe to the newsletter to find out how.

The 5 main rules

1st rule: Dribble, Kick and Throw (DBL)

- Players must move by dribbling the ball with their hands or feet at any time and anywhere on the field.
- All movements are allowed, except for walking with the ball.

2nd rule: SCORING

- A team must pass the ball completely through the opponent's net.
- The first team to reach 6 points wins the game.


- All the players of a team can act as goalkeepers.
- To defend a net, the player must pass through it.

4th rule: FACE-OFF

- After a goal, the game resumes in the centre with a face-off.

The face-off is unique in DBL Ball. It is also one of the most complex rules. We invite you to consult the full rules or view the following videos to watch a face-off.


5th rule: TURNOVER

- Players can take the ball from the opponent`s hands.
- When the ball is stuck between two players, is it the player who originally had the ball that is at fault.
- Players may touch the opponent with the intention of removing the ball from them.
- It is forbidden to hit, push, trip or touch the opponent`s face.
- To find out how to resume the game after a mistake or a penalty, see the full rules.


Good game of DBL Ball and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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