Presentation of the 2020-2021 season of DBL Ball

Here is the presentation of the DBL Ball season for elementary and secondary schools. The program is designed to fit easily into the school life of the participant and the parent. To download this program presentation document, click here. 

Partie de DBL Ball à l'Académie Ste-Marie - 23 janvier 2020 - Compressé

The Objective Of The Program

  • To introduce DBL Ball
  • To develop culture for team sports
  • To develop school belonging for the participant

Season Content

  • 8 to 10 training sessions
  • 1h to 1h30 per training session depending on the time slot
  • Participation included for the regional tournament held at the end of the session for players interested
  • Training can be done at lunchtime or after school
  • Possibility of renewing the team each season (Fall, Winter, and Spring)


  • Minimum of 10 participants
  • Maximum of 24 participants
  • For grade 3 and up students
  • Coed team

What the League provides

  • A qualified trainer for all training sessions and games, playing for the Étoiles de Québec team
  • Support for the parent-participant relationship
  • The equipment necessary to play DBL Ball (if the school does not have it) and the possibility of loaning it.
  • A free visit to your school in physical education classes for all classes from grade 3 to introduce your students to DBL Ball

What the school provides

  • Space to practice and play indoor or outdoor DBL Ball
  • DBL Ball equipment, if the school has it or storage space for the coach to leave his equipment there.
  • Getting in touch with participants and parents

Costs to participants

The DBL Ball League can take care of invoicing the activity to the participants or to the school

8 sessions 10 sessions
1h00 $ 60.00 $ 75.00
1h30 $ 90.00 $ 110.00

The above amounts include taxes.

Prices are based on a minimum of 10 participants. Prices may be reduced if the minimum number of participants is increased.

Registration system

The DBL Ball League wishes to operate according to your registration procedure.

  • Paper form
  • Digital form printed at school
  • Digital form printed by parents
  • Digital form via our website

Practices progression

Here are the themes that are addressed in the practices. The objective is to prepare the players to experience a DBL Ball tournament and to form a team.

  • Rules introduction
  • Player Positions
  • Defensive strategies
  • Offensive strategies
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Team spirit
  • Competition preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do I need to play DBL Ball?

A gymnasium of 13 meters by 18 meters is the minimum for a practice. For official games, it’s 15 meters by 30 meters. Elementary gymnasiums are usually 18 meters by 23 meters. DBL Ball is also played outdoors on natural or synthetic grass.

Is the team registered with the RSEQ?

No. The activity is managed independently by the DBL Ball League which brings together all the schools that actively practice DBL Ball. On the other hand, the DBL Ball League offers DBL Ball in elementary and secondary schools through the RSEQ Moi J’Bouge program.

Do I need to have the equipment?

We provide all our equipment, including balls, bibs and of course the goals. You can even leave the goals at school and lend them to you. The only thing we are asking for is access to a table to allow players to eat when practices are around lunchtime.

Do parents have to mobilize for travel to play outside?

Yes, once per session for the final tournament which takes place on the weekend with all teams driven by the DBL Ball League. The tournament usually takes place in the region (maximum of 75 km to cover). It may also be possible to organize transportation (ie to rent a bus), however, there will be additional charges at this time.

What does the end-of-session tournament look like?

The tournament is usually half a day in length and is in fact a friendly meeting between the teams. Each team has the chance to play against all the other teams present. There is no elimination round or trophy involved. The team coach is present to support the players. Parents are invited to come and cheer. At the end of the year, those who are interested can participate in the provincial tournament which is more competitive. However, this tournament is not included in the price.

The practices would be after school I suppose, we end at 2:50 and until what time?

Yes after school or at lunchtime. We will take the winning time slot. Either one which assures us participation and possibility of using the premises or outside space. We aim for a minimum duration of one hour for the session. However, we can do more too, if there is a strong interest. 1h30 is also a good duration for a large group (15 and more)

If students agree to play, is it for the year or for a session?

For one session, which varies from 6 to 15 weeks depending on your functioning. The norm is usually 8 weeks. We then renew with students who want to join and those who want to quit. Otherwise, it can also go to next year.

Who takes care of the students, an adult, a university student, others?

A recognized coach of the DBL Ball League. The coaches evolve for the L’Équipe Étoile du Québec and are therefore DBL Ball professionals. They are between 18 and 33 years old. The majority are still in university studies and often are future physical education teachers themselves. We have strong proximity to all university physical education departments in the province. We do a background search and we can provide you with their CVs.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have liability insurance for $ 2,000,000.

Tournoi de DBL Ball du 30 mars 2019 - Compressé