Official pair of DBL Ball nets


Set of two DBL Ball nets for playing in a gym.

Official Goal and Ball

This net model is approved by the DBL Ball League as being official at competitions and tournaments as for adult and junior play.


This goal model is designed for:

  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Sports Trainers
  • DBL Ball coaches
  • Competitive level players


Goal Mesurements once set up

  • Width 9 ‘
  • Depth 2 ‘
  • Height 42 ”

Size of the box

51 “x 11” x 7 “- 40 lbs



  • Galvanized Steel – One inch tubing.
  • Goals have underpaws that do not mark the gym.

Box contents

  • 4 length male rods 
  • 4 length female rods 
  • 4 right-sided height post
  • 4 left-sided height post
  • 4 width rods with end caps
  • 4 width female rods
  • 2 long pieces of red net
  • 2 short pieces of red net
  • 2 long pieces of blue net
  • 2 short pieces of blue net
  • 8 white glides
  • 6 fasteners for the net
  • 4 nylon fasteners
  • 2 visual identifications
  • 1 assembly guide

Setting up

The set is delivered in parts. You must assemble it before your first use. Allow 45 minutes and two people for assembly.

The following video explains how to assemble the goals:

To place the equipment in the gym, refer to the full rules:

Tips for transportation and storage

The upper part is disassembled into four pieces. It is possible to leave both sides of the goal assembled for storage.

Tips to avoid breakage

  • Avoid hanging on this one.
  • Avoid jumping over the goal.
  • Avoid leaving it in the rain and bad weather.

Possible modifications

Ability to remove one of the two upper parts and reduce the size of the goal to play the DBL Ball 3 against 3.

Possibility to add weights to the goal.

Extension available to turn it into a goal of handball and soccer.


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