Set of 4 weights for Official DBL Ball goals



Set of 4 weights to add weight to a pair of official DBL Ball goals.

Official Equipment

The use of weights is mandatory for parties approved by the League of DBL Ball. However, these are optional for using the nets in an educational environment.


  • Event organizers
  • Competitive Level Players
  • Secondary School Teachers


  • 21″ in Length
  • 2 ” in Diameter
  • 10 lb
  • 40 lb for total shipment


The weight is made of steel filled with all-purpose sand and sealed with a white plastic cap.

Set Up

The weights have hooks that allow them to be hooked to the bottom width post on the sides of the net.

Tips to avoid breakage

Avoid dropping the weight because the plastic cap can crack.

You can also tie with nylons fasteners (not included) to prevent the weight unhook during a game.

Avoid carrying the side of the net with the weights still attached to them.


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