Official DBL Ball


The official ball to play and practice the DBL Ball.

It’s an all-purpose rubber ball. Designed for indoor and outdoor play.

It can be used to play other sports too, such as:

  • Dodgeball
  • Kickball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Water Polo
  • Handball


  • Royal Blue
  • Scarlet Red


The ball is made with two layers of rubber.


  • Diameter: 8.5 “(21.59 cm) </ li>
  • Weight: 3/4 lb (335 g) </ li>

Set up

  1. The ball is delivered deflated and packed in a plastic bag inside its box.
  2. Be careful not to pierce the balloon by opening the box.
  3. Then let the ball unfold, still inside its plastic bag.
  4. Once the folds on the ball are gone, inflate the balloon with 2 lbs of pressure.
  5. The ball must be soft enough to be grasped with one hand. </ li>


Never sit on it because the ball can be deformed.

Do not over inflate the ball. The ball should not stretch so much that it pales at the seams.

Tips For Playing Outdoor

Avoid direct exposure to the sun for a long time.

For outdoor play, the ball may be more inflated to bounce off the grass.

The lawn needs to be freshly cut for an easy rebound.

You can see the top 11 of the best surfaces to play DBL Ball here:

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